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Waow i never thought such thing existed, its quite funny 😀


I absolutely love this platform!


It feels really cozy looking back at.. love it!


Me and my boyfriend love using this website, it feels really good scrolling through the memories we've had 🌈🌈


if you already use a note or similar to write down your experiences then you will without a doubt love this platform 😉


Actually quite nice and a lot of fun to have everything available, many good memories

Milla DavisStudent

I didn't think such thing would be for me but I really like it 😀👍


There is no doubt that I am not gonna stop using this


We all have things we need to write down 🤷‍♂️ and I feel like this is a lot easier to use


I use the platform as a memory blog where i can see how i felt about a particular moment! 😇


I think you will love it 💯


it is amazing that the people behind actually had the LGBT community in mind when they created the platform.

AizaI feel so respected 🏳️‍🌈

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